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This is an exert from John Eliot’s diary while he was a Puritan missionary to American Indians.
It describes his many relationships with several different chieftains and various other Native American
groups. As well as their relationships with…

Richard Ingoldesby makes a direct request by way of letter to use the military might of the Iroquois League. Here he calls upon the Five Nations to participate in land raid against the French in Canada. This letter was written during the time of…

This is a letter from French Catholic Jesuit minister Pierre Biard to General Claude Acquaviva
of the Society of Jesus, at Rome, May 26, 1614. It describes Father Biard's capture in New France by
the English and their violent treatment. It also…

Official records picture.jpg
In this source, Governor Dinwiddie seeks to gain Native American allies against the French, part of a British effort to acquire native allies. This highlights the alliances that formed prior to the war.

Horatio Sharpe picture.jpg
Part of Governor Shape’s correspondence, this details the buildup of French fortifications in the Ohio valley. The French construction discouraged English colonists and proved to be a point of great tension for Sharpe. Highlighting a key factor of…

This is a first hand account by Gottlieb Mittelberger, who was a German schoolmaster and organist who traveled to Pennsylvania in 1750. He goes over the experiences he and others endured during travel to colonial America. The ships were extremely…

Portrait of a colonial woman by Wenceslaus Hollar, a famous portraitist at the time

Trial of Two witches.jpg
This image is an illustration created by Howard Pyle of a court/church room where a trial is taking place. Two women are being accused by another woman of being a witch.

“Sir Thomas Dale to the president and counsell of the companie of adventurers and planters in Virginia” is a letter that was written by Sir Thomas Dale to the Virginia Company in England about the state of the colonies upon his arrival in 1611. Dale…

Instructions for George Washington.pdf
This source talks about Washington’s orders for dealing with the French in the Ohio Valley. It mostly talks on recruitment and things related to that. Part of the West Virginia Achieves.
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