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Pictures and Writing and the major people of in the discussion of religious salvation

yellow fever.jpeg
This source addresses the issues representing yellow fever in Philadelphia. There were many concerns from Philadelphia. Benjamin Rush addressed every worry that the Philadelphians had. He answered all the questions they had about yellow fever in this…

Painting of well known anti-slavery writer of 18th century.

Photograph All slave keepers.docx
Photograph of title page of All Slaves Keepers that keep Innocents in Bondage, Apostates.  Book by Benjamin Lay.

Photograph of The Germantown Resolution of 1688.docx
Photograph of the Germantown Petition of 1688.

In 1751, Benjamin Franklin wrote to James Parker discussing the advantageous of forming a union of their own. In it Franklin shows amazement of how “Six Nations of ignorant savages would be capable of forming a scheme for such a union, and be able to…

This letter is from Luis de Quirós to Juan Baptista de Segura of the Spanish Catholic Jesuit
Society. It details Luis de Quirós’s experiences with the Native Americans in which he asks for
seeds to trade with Native Americans, and gives a good…

As European conflicts escalate outside of the North American continent, there was little attention paid to the colonies. The West Indies were identified as the crown jewels of the Americas, so if problems were to erupt their attention was focused…
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